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Council meetings are currently held on the third Tuesday of every month commencing at 10.00am. Under the Local Government Act 1993, Council is required to be open and transparent in the conduct of its business. The legislation sets out certain procedures that must be followed in council and committee meetings. The relevant sections of the Act are Sections 360 and 365.

View the current Code of Meeting Practice

Any person wishing to bring a matter before Council should lodge their request in writing to the General Manager by the second Wednesday of the month.

Agendas/Business Papers are available for public inspection below, at the Goolgowi Council Chambers, Hillston District Office and the WG Parker Memorial Library Hillston from the Friday prior to the Council Meeting.

To view previous years Council Business Papers and Minutes you can visit our Agendas and Minutes page.

Information about meetings of Committees of Council can be found here.

*June meeting is to be held on the 4th Tuesday to allow for statutory advertising and receipt of submissions on the annual budget.

21/02/2023 Hillston February 2023 Agenda February 2023 Minutes February 2023
21/03/2023 Goolgowi March 2023 Agenda March 2023 Minutes March 2023
18/04/2023 Hillston April 2023 Agenda April 2023 Minutes April 2023
16/05/2023 Goolgowi May 2023 Agenda May 2023 Minutes May 2023
*27/06/2023 Hillston June 2023 Agenda June 2023 Minutes June 2023 
18/07/2023 Goolgowi July 2023 Agenda July 2023 Minutes July 2023 
15/08/2023 Rankins Springs August 2023 Agenda August 2023 Minutes August 2023
19/09/2023 Hillston September 2023 Agenda September 2023 Minutes September 2023
17/10/2023 Goolgowi October 2023 Agenda October 2023 Minutes October 2023
21/11/2023 Hillston November 2023 Agenda November 2023 Minutes November 2023
19/12/2023 Goolgowi December 2023 Agenda
available 15/12/2023