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When is a DA Required?

A Development Application (DA) is required for most ‘developments’ within the Carrathool Local Government Area. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 defines ‘development’ as:

  • The use of the land;
  • The subdivision of the land;
  • The erection of a building;
  • The carrying out of work;
  • The demolition of a building or work; and/or
  • Any other act, matter or thing controlled by an environmental planning instrument.

Before you make any changes to a building or occupy premises, you need to check with Council whether the proposal is a “Development” and requires the consent of Council. Some minor works called “Exempt Development” may not require approval provided it meets certain criteria included in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.  All other development requires the submission of a Development Application with the consent authority.

What is required with a Development Application?

Firstly you should visit or contact Council’s Building and Regulatory Department and check with the staff:

  • Whether a Development Application is required
  • Whether the proposal is permissible
  • How Council’s codes and policies may affect the proposal
  • Obtain copies of the information necessary to submit a Development Application

Lodging a Development Application – NSW Planning Portal

The NSW Planning Portal is an online platform where community, industry and government can work together to provide a digital experience that supports effective planning and decision making under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

From 1 July 2021, all development related applications and post consent certificates must be submitted to Council through the NSW Planning Portal and not directly with Council.

These include:

  • Development Applications
  • Section 4.55 Modification Applications
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Construction Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Subdivision Certificates
  • Appointment of Council as a Principal Certifier

Please watch the below video for information on your digital experience.


To submit an application through the NSW Planning Portal, first you will need to register and then verify your account. If you have already created an account, simply LOGIN HERE to get started.

Require Assistance with Submitting your Application?

If you require additional assistance:

Frequently Asked Questions

Forms for the above can be found in the Forms Section of this website (linked below).

To make lodgement as easy as possible, Council has a dedicated Planning Kiosk at both the Council Chambers, Goolgowi and the Hillston District Office where customers can lodge an application with the assistance of staff.

Residents are encouraged to make use of the portal which is now live.

DA Tracker – Track the progress of Development Applications from lodgement through to determination via our online DA Tracker by clicking here.

What happens when I submit my application via NSW Planning Portal?

Once you have submitted your application via the Portal, Council will be notified of your new application. Council staff will then review your application to determine if any additional information is required. Should any additional information be required, you will receive an email notification generated from the Portal requesting the relevant information to be submitted (via the portal).

When Council is satisfied with the documentation submitted with your application, you will receive an email notification generated from the Portal requesting fees to be paid for the application. Once fees are paid, your application will be formally lodged with Council and progressed through for assessment.

How do I pay my application fees?

Once Council has reviewed your application and is satisfied that all relevant documentation has been submitted, you will receive an email notification requesting fees to be paid. The email will direct you to log into the Portal where you will find an uploaded fee quote from Council with instructions on how to make your payment. If you are a company submitting an application on behalf of your client, you are able to download the fee quote and forward to your client for direct payment to Council.

Please note: your application will not progress to lodgement until fees are paid.

How do I submit additional information requested on my application?

Council staff may request additional information to support the assessment of the application. This additional information is required to be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal.

What documents are required for a Development Application?

At a minimum, you will be required to upload the following documents when applying for a Development Application:

  • Plans (Site Plan, Elevations & Floor Plan or Plan of Proposed Subdivision)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Owners Consent for Planning Portal Application form
  • Cost Estimate Report